Best Ways to Tackle Weeding Flower Beds for Lynnwood Property Owners

Weeding-Flower-Beds-LynnwoodIf you love adorning your home with flowers and yet struggle with persistent weeds, you’re not alone. Weeding flower beds is often a landscaping chore that people dislike. But learning how to approach this task strategically can make it go faster and require less effort. Here’s what to know.

Schedule Weeding Around Rainy Weather

After a good soaking rain, the soil in your flower beds will be softened by all that water. This is an ideal time for digging out and pulling out weeds with less effort and without leaving the roots behind.

Pull Weeds the Right Way

Grasp the weed firmly at the base of the plant and pull it straight out of the ground. Pulling at an angle is more likely to separate the plant from the roots. Carefully dig out any roots that break off. 

Use the Right Tools

Gardening tools with sharp and narrow blades allow you to dig out weeds with greater precision. You’ll run less risk of harming your flowers. 

Consider Using Herbicides

Herbicides or chemical weed killers may be the best option to defeat stubborn weeds. Read the product label carefully to ensure it won’t harm your flowers, and follow the usage instructions carefully for best results.

Want Help Weeding Flower Beds At Your Home in Lynnwood?

Hart & Sons Landscape is pleased to offer weeding flower beds as one of our many landscaping services for homeowners who value immaculate outdoor upkeep. As a family-owned, local company, you can rely on us to provide the same high level of care and attention to detail you would. We welcome all your lawn care and renovation, landscape maintenance, pruning and trimming needs. For a picture-perfect home, we also offer additional services for your convenience, including pressure washing and seasonal yard cleanup. Call today to learn more about us and how we can make your life easier and your home more inviting.

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