Pruning & Weed Control: Essential Tasks for Spring Yard and Lawn Maintenance in Kirkland

Yard-and-Lawn-Maintenance-KirklandGetting your outdoor spaces in top shape for the coming warm weather is important to not just your curb appeal but also your enjoyment of time spent outside. With a little effort now, you could be looking at an attractive landscape all spring and summer long. Here’s how pruning and weed control in particular can make your yard and lawn maintenance more effective.

Foster Healthy Hedges & Bushes with Pruning

After a harsh winter, there will probably be dead branches in your hedges and bushes. Cutting them away early in the year helps plants overcome the cuts better and gives them a healthier look. 

Improve the Appearance of Flower Beds with Weed Control

When it comes to flower beds, early weed control prevents them from looking shabby while encouraging optimal blooming. Common strategies include physical barriers like landscape fabric and pulling them out by hand, followed by a liberal application of mulch. 

Implement Spring Weed Control for a Lush Summer Lawn

As grass revives in the spring, it’s often fighting weeds for soil nutrients and water. By tackling weeds from the very beginning of the growing season with aerating and weed-pulling, your grass will be better able to establish strong roots and thick growth to keep later weeds out. 

Would You Like Help with Pruning, Weeding and Other Yard and Lawn Maintenance in Kirkland?

At Hart & Sons Landscape, we take great pride in providing the kind of hands-on yard and lawn maintenance work you’d do if you had the time. We are a family-owned company with decades of service to area customers who understand the value in outdoor upkeep. It’s why we’re committed to excellence in lawn care and renovation, landscape maintenance, pruning and trimming. And to ensure your outdoor living areas are as welcoming as possible, we also offer additional services for your convenience, including pressure washing and yard cleanup. Call today to learn more about us and how we can elevate your landscaping with our experienced care.

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